Email / TXT Marketing

Increase Revenue on Slow Days.
You look at your tee sheet in the morning and see this afternoon is going to be slow. In just a few minutes, you can use email or TXT marketing to announce a special (half price cart or $1 beer night). If your average player pays $30, and our system generates an additional 8 players a week, then you will see an extra $960 a month on a $50 investment.

Increase Revenue during your off season.
A certain percentage of players will buy merchandise or make an appointment for lessons while at the course. The off season means less traffic and fewer sales. Stay in front of your customers via email marketing all year. Remind them to get new equipment for their loved ones during the holidays.

TXT Notices.
Want to announce a special for this evening? Emails may not get read until tomorrow, but TXT messages are read more often. Since we have to pay a third party to route the messages, this is an optional service that costs $10/month for a unique phone number and your first 500 messages, then 1 cent for each additional message.

You can also use TXT notices to contact players on the tee sheet for a specific block of times. For example, if it rains in the middle of the day and you want to notify people on the course that they need to start keeping the carts on the path.

You can also send a TXT message to everyone with a morning tee time that there is a frost delay.

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