Electronic Tee Sheet

Saving time and enhancing customer service is great, but Proshop Tee Times is all about increasing your revenue.
You look at your tee sheet in the morning and see this afternoon is going to be slow. In just a few minutes, you can use email or TXT marketing to announce a special (half price cart or $1 beer night). If your average player pays $30, and our system generates an additional 8 players a week, then you will see an extra $960 a month on a $50 investment.

Saving time is great.
In 2014, our first client booked 29,500 rounds. Over 33% of those rounds were booked on-line. If we save you 15 minutes a day, then we are saving you 11 eight hour work days a year.

Enhance Customer Service.
Your customers will appreciate being able to book tee times online, as well as getting confirmation notices. Give your members the ability to view the tee sheet so they can see when their friends are playing.

Let your employees view the tee sheet.
Your teesheet is viewable from any computer, phone, or tablet connected to the internet. Your food manager will know how many biscuits to make in the morning. Your greens keeper will know when the course will be the busiest. Your rangers can see what time each group started.

We want to save you time and make your customers happy. We have done some kind of customization for just about every client. In most cases, there is no extra charge for these changes.

No Risk.
Call us today, and start using your teesheet tomorrow. You will not get billed until the end of the month. If you're not happy, you can cancel any time. We do not require you to sign a contract.

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